Andrew is my good friend. He is a natural adventurer. He always go to the mountains and forests on weekends or holidays to find the fun and secrets that have not been discovered.

After each expedition, Andrew will share the beautiful things which found in the adventure with us. He takes beautiful landscape or interesting things into photos and hang them on the walls of his home.

As a good friend, I often go to his home and bring him food from China. We chat, brag, and share interesting things that happened to each other in recent times. Of course, listening to him telling his adventure is a essential project.

When he talked about his adventure story, I found a picture about a thermos water bottle on his wall. Unlike other landscapes or animals, it looks awkward and out of place.

While I was wondering, Andrew saw my thoughts. He said that his life trajectory was largely influenced by this thermos water bottle. He said If I was interested, He will tell me about the story. I was not hesitate to invite him to tell his story.

We went back to the couch, Andrew sorted out his thoughts and started his story.

It was a year of late autumn, Andrew went alone to explore a completely strange place. This is a very beautiful scenery, because few people have been there, so it retains the original taste. When he is immersed in this beautiful scenery, there is no notice that his parcel zipper has been opened. When he finds out the problem, there is little leftovers in the parcel.

Note that, this is an undeveloped area . If there is not enough living supplies, Andrew is difficult to survive in the virgin forest in late autumn. He becomes very anxious and starts to look for a way home. Terrible, when night coming. He did not mark the road, and when the sky was dark, he lost his direction and was completely lost in this primitive jungle.

Andrew made his own attempts and efforts, but eventually failed. He became violent and panicked. At night, strange animal calls made him feel more scared. At this time he heard the footsteps of beasts approaching. Andrew instinctively wanted to find something to resist. Hands rummaged through the backpack and eventually found a large stainless steel thermos water bottle.

At that moment, Andrew felt that his body was full of strength. He felt hopeful.He lifted the stainless steel thermos water bottle and waved and fought against the unknown beast. Both of them were injured in the chaos. After many entanglements, the beast finally disappeared into the night. Andrew fell to the ground with exhaustion, holding the stainless steel thermos water bottle tightly in his hand to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

When it was dawn, Andrew checked his injury. Fortunately, the fight last night did not hurt the key-body. After carefully discerning the direction, he slowly walked in the direction of the direction. He was hungry and hungry along the way. Just add the hot water in the thermos water bottle to replenish the heat. Andrew told me that he never felt the water in the thermos water bottle so good, every time when he drink water, it adds energy to the body.

In this way, it took him nearly two days to get out of the forest. At the moment of seeing the sky, he burst into tears in his arms and thanked God for giving him a chance to be born again.

When he back home, he put the thermos water bottle in the collection room and cherished the treasure that gave him unlimited strength. He hung the photo on the wall. He told me that life is like this adventure, and the future life will be Like the undeveloped virgin forest, there are all kinds of enticing scenery, but also hidden invisible crises. At the moment of the crisis, don’t panic, God has already prepared what you need. You need Just use them well.


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