How to Select a Suitable Chinese supplier of thermos water bottle?

How to Select a Suitable Chinese supplier of thermos water bottle?
Many foreign customers have a lot of worries when they choose the suppliers of Chinese stainless steel thermos water bottle. Some customers are not very familiar with the situation of Chinese suppliers because they have not cooperated before; some are lack of channels and information to find suppliers; some are not satisfied with the suppliers who cooperated earlier or trade company impersonate manufacturer to confuse the truth with the falsehood. So how to select a good supplier for stainless steel thermos water bottle? Let me tell you.

First: Sources of suppliers
China’s largest foreign business information website is https:// The largest domestic business information website is In addition, there are global resources(, Made-in-China(, Dunhuang( and so on.

Second: Check the supplier’s qualifications
In China, every legitimate enterprise must register with the local market supervision department, so you can ask the supplier to provide the company’s registration number for inquiry. The search address is as follows: On this website, you can find the supplier’s information,such as: legal person name, registered capital, time of establishment, company address, business scope, penalty information and business anomalies.

Third:How to Identify Suppliers and Traders
As mentioned above, we can inquire about the relevant information of the corresponding companies on the credit information website of the enterprises in China. The business scope of the general factory-type suppliers is production and manufacturing, while the business scope of the trade-type suppliers is sales

Fourth. Query through Customs Data
Use the English name of the supplier to inquire the customs data and details of the past years in the customs data platform. Some customs data platforms are free but the relevant content is not detailed. The situation of the paid customs data platform will be much better. You can inquire the details, quantity and export frequency of the export products in the past years.
Fifth:Video shooting on the spot

Contact the supplier’s personnel, conduct real-time video chat, use Wechat, WhatsApp and other tools, real-time filming and dialogue on the spot, to confirm whether the supplier is a manufacturer or a trader, and can roughly determine the size of the supplier and some other circumstances.
Finally, stainless steel thermos water bottle manufacturers are not necessarily better than trade company. Selecting suppliers according to the actual situation who is the best for you. For trade company, they are more familiar with the manufacturer in the local market than foreign customers. They have a lot of field visits and the convenience of tracking the production process on the spot, so that they can make a reasonable profit. On this basis, they may offer lower prices with thermos water bottle than some manufacturers, and they can provide better products and services to foreign customers.

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