What’s the secret of SWELL water bottle?

What’s the secret of SWELL water bottle?

This is an article about the decryption of stainless steel insulated water bottle. Our research object is SWELL insulated water bottle.Speaking of Swell brand, many people will think it is a water bottle for the first time. Its shape is so unique that we can never forget it at first sight. You may hardly imagine that. why can a small insulated water bottle keep the water in the bottle warm or cool for so long time? Today’s declassified article will be explained in detail from the comparison of appearance, internal structure, thermal insulation performance and the different between SWELL brand and other brands.


we use vernier calipers to measure its appearance size, and get the data of the cup as follows:

Bottom diameter of cup body:7cm

Total height of cup body:26.5cm

Cup mouth diameter:2.7cm

Net weight of cup:0.32kg

We use a detailed data chart to show clearly.

swell water bottle's size

As we all know, the material of insulated water bottle is made of stainless steel, but there are not many stainless steel which can be used in the field of insulated water bottle material. The common stainless steel on the market are SUS316, SUS304, SUS201 and so on. The biggest difference between these stainless steel materials is the difference of nickel content. The higher the nickel content, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is,the stronger the ability of corrosion and rust resistance, the higher the safety of food contact. So in the stainless steel quality of the above several insulation water bottle, SUS316 is better than SUS304 and SUS201.

When the semi-finished product of the insulated water bottle is finished, the surface of the water bottle is full of metallic luster, without color and pattern. If we need the color on the insulated water bottle body, then in production, spray with paint and bake at high temperature to make the paint adhere to the metal surface of the insulated water bottle. If you still want to customized the pattern or your enterprise’s logo surface of the insulated water bottle.we can use silk printing to make colorful pattern or company’s logos. Of course, you can also use laser to make the logo which you want.

Second: Internal structure

Before analyzing this part, let’s popularize a concept of Physics – heat conduction. What is the heat conduction? Heat conduction is two objects with different temperatures, when they come into contact, because of the temperature difference, the heat will be transferred from the object with higher temperature to the object with lower temperature until the temperature between them is the same. So what can be done to avoid the heat transfer from the object with higher temperature to the object with lower temperature? ? Vacuum environment! The reason why insulated water bottle can keep hot or cold is due to the application of this physical principle.

When making insulated water bottles, they are divided into inner and outer parts. After the inner and outer layers are well matched, the two layers of stainless steel are combined by welding technology. Because the inside stainless steel is slightly smaller than the outside stainless steel, when they are welded into a whole, the gap will be left between the two layers of stainless steel bottle body.

Finally vacuumed this layer of voids and extract the air, thus forming a vacuum environment! When you pour boiling hot water or ice water just taken out of the refrigerator into the inside layer of the insulaed water bottle, the temperature between the inner and outer stainless steel will not change because of the vacuum environment between the inner and outer stainless steel. When you touch the outside layer stainless steel of the insulated water bottle with your hand, it is still normal room temperature.

Third: Experimental data

In order to prove the strong heat preservation ability of SWELL insulated water bottle, we must use experimental data to prove this is true. We boil a pot of 500 ml tap water in a kettle. After that, we use a thermometer to measure the initial temperature. We pour the hot water into the SWELL water bottle, tighten the cap and wait quietly. Whenever the sampling time of experimental data is reached, we unscrew the bottle cap and measure the bottle with a thermometer. The sampling time points of 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours were detected, and the experimental data were as follows;Similarly, we have also used ice-water to make measurements. The experimental data are as follows:

insulated water bottle temperature testFrom the experimental data, we can see that SWELL brand insulated water bottle gives us a satisfactory answer.



The performance data of swell insulating cup alone can’t show its strong performance very well, so we decided to do a comparative experiment again. We randomly purchased two brand insulating cups and two ordinary insulating cups from the market. Continue the previous experimental steps. After a long wait, we got the experimental data. As follows:

temperature test2

Through comparison, we find that the performance of SWELL insulated water bottle is not much different from the other two brands water bottle, but there are still some advantages over the other two brands of ordinary thermos water bottles. For this reason, we have looked specifically at the relevant industry standard <<GB/T 29606-2013>>. In this standard, we know that there are two main factors affecting the insulated performance of the insulated water bottle. One is the capacity of the insulated water bottle, the other is the caliber of the thermos water bottle. The smaller the caliber, the less heat loss and the better the performance of the insulated water bottle. We measured the data of the five insulated water bottles again and got the following data:

temperature test3

By comparison, we found that the capacity of these five insulated water bottles is not much different, basically 500 ml. But the difference of the diameter of the cup mouth is obvious. The diameter of SWELL water bottle mouth is the smallest. This also confirms why the thermal insulation performance of SWELL water bottle is the best among the five tested bottles.

All right, that’s all about the SWELL brandinsulated water bottle’s secret. If you want to know more about the inside story of insulated water bottle industry, or want to find a better insulated water bottle manufacturer from China, please check out other articles on this website.


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