Top 5 insulated water bottle manufacturer in China

Top 5 insulated water bottle manufacturer in China

As we all know, China is the largest exporter of stainless steel insulated water bottle in the world. There are many excellent insulated water bottle  manufacturers in this field, which are basically concentrated in two provinces ZheJiang and GuangDong. For many purchases, direct contact with these excellent insulated water bottle manufacturers and friendly cooperation will bring great advantages to the quality and procurement cost of the insulated water bottles.

To this end, we specially analyzed the data from 100 enterprises in the field of China’s insulated water bottle, and made a comprehensive evaluation from 4 aspects: brand awareness, manufacturing capability, product quality and procurement cost.

The following is the latest comprehensive score ranking results:


haers logo

  1. as the first listed company in the field of China’s insulated water bottle, HAERS has a strong production capacity and quality control system. It was founded in 1996 and has a history of enterprise development for 23 years to date. The company has nearly 2000 employees in Yongkang county, Zhejiang province, and is successfully listed in September 9, 2011. It is the first well-known brand in the market of China’s thermos water bottle. Score: 5 stars
  2. HAERS has 20 production lines and more than 1200 front-line employees currently . The average daily production of insulated water bottle reaches 50,000 pcs. In addition, there are some local affiliated OEM factories. They have high elastic production capacity. Manufacturing capacity. Score: 5 stars.
  3. 3. In terms of product quality, HAERS has always attached importance to the concept of sustainable development of people and society. While improving production commonweal and quality standards, it has also attached great importance to the ecological construction of production environment and the corresponding standardized management of occupational health of production workers. For this reason, HAERS has established the corresponding <<ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification>>; <<ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certificate>> .<< GB/T28001:2001 occupational health and safety management system certification>> and other stringent standards. Score: 5 stars.
  1. HAERS has always emphasized high standards and high requirements, so high standards in the use of raw materials and defective scrap rate will lead to a certain degree of increase in procurement costs, which is not particularly friendly for wholesalers, and not friendly for people who purchase insulated water bottles as promotional products at low prices. The procurement cost score is 3.5 stars.



fuguang logo

  1. FuGuang company is a school enterprise cooperation company. Thanks to the support of AnHui province rich resources of higher education, Fu Guang’s product invention patents and various styles of insulated water bottle are very numerous. The company was founded in 1984, and began to make plastic parts products. After 2007, it became a famous brand in China’s insulated water bottle industry. And plastic water cup is more famous than stainless steel thermos water bottle. Score: 4.5 stars.
  2. In terms of plastic water bottle and stainless steel insulated water bottle plastic parts, FuGuang has the most powerful product manufacturing capability in China, It has more than 260 sets of injection molding equipment, and has more than 300 exclusive technical personnel. Score is 3.5 stars.
  3. FuGuang company successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification in March 2003. It has obtained the “national industrial product production license” issued by the China General Administration of quality supervision and quarantine. In addition, the company has always adhered to the principle of determining the market by quality and equipped with different quality monitoring equipment and testing personnel for different product series. The score of product quality is 4.5 stars.
  4. Thanks to it’s strong plastic parts production capacity, Fu Guang’s procurement cost is not particularly high. However, Fu GUANG company is located in the inland province of China. The procurement cost advantage is partly offset by the transportation cost of logistics. Besides, the core products of Fu Guang are glass and plastic thermos water bottle, and the cost advantage of the scale effect of the insulated water bottle is not particularly satisfactory. Purchasing Cost Score: 3 stars



heenoor logo

  1. the company was founded in 1999. Now it is located in the new production base and moved to 100 km from the city of ShangHai. The company covers an area of more than 100 mu. It is a top 100 light industry enterprise in China. At present, the company has 4 independent subsidiaries. The score of brand recognition is 4 stars.
  2. Heenoor mainly produces stainless steel insulated water bottle, plastic water cup and glass water cup. It has several independent production        lines, including automatic painting system for thermos water bottle body. There are more than 800 front-line staffs, with an average daily production capacity of 32,000 pcs insulated water bottles and 11,000 glass and plastic water bottles. The production and manufacturing scores are 4 stars.
  3. The key to the sudden emergence of Heenoor company in China’s insulated water bottle market is its product quality control ability. Many manufacturers of thermos water bottles are still in the age of being churned up, and heenoor has attached great importance to the quality of production. Many product quality standards directly reference to the relevant quality standards of Japan or developed countries in Europe and the United States. The score of quality control is 4 stars.
  4. Because of strict quality control standards, the product rate of Heenoor is not particularly high. As a result, the price of Heenoor product’s price is 15-20% higher than other similar products on the market. This is not good news for many foreign purchers.Score:2.5 stats.



sibao logo

  1. SiBao is a professional enterprise with more brand influence in the insulated water bottle industry. It was founded in 1992. It has been over 27 years historys. It is one of the earliest companies to make insulation water bottles in China. It is different from the above companies. It is only has a thermos water bottle series. Score: 5 stars.
  2. SIBAO’s product capacity is beyond doubt. The company has more than 70 utility models and designs patents,. The company has 32 independent production lines and 50 thousand daily average insulated water bottles. It has 4 categories and 200 products. The supply capability score is 4 stars.
  3. In terms of quality control, the SiBao company has been doing very well. It has obtained the certificate of quality management system certification: iso24001; Quality management system certification: iso9001. Food contact product safety certification certificate and other honors. Every production link has the corresponding quality inspection personnel real-time detection. Quality control ability: 3.5 stars.
  4. SiBao’s products price benefits from its powerful scale effect. The bulk purchase of raw materials can reduce the purchasing cost of raw materials by 12-15%, but the management team of the enterprise is a bit huge. The manpower cost and management cost brought about by this will virtually offset the advantage of the batch purchase of raw materials. Score: 3 stars.



  1.  YKSC is a new type of insulated water bottle manufacturer. Thanks to the vigorous development of chinese Online retailers industry, YKSC’s     products are superior to those of the above 4 in the field of network sales. However, they are not dominant in the sales channels tradition. But,the brand awareness brought by this network will create a better insulated water bottle brand in the younger generation of consumers. Score:3.5 stars.
  2. YKSC company has 10 independent production lines, equipped with more than 360 production equipments of various types of insulated water bottles and more than 780 front-line production staffs. The daily average production and supply capacity of insulated water bottles reaches 32,000 pcs. In addition, as a new type enterprise, many jobs have adopted highly mechanized mode, and the future production and supply capacity will be greatly improved. The production capacity score is 3.5 stars.
  3. In terms of technological innovation, the production company has more than 50 patents for independent knowledge products and more than 180 kinds of products. Each product has its corresponding product testing standards and operational specifications. Score:3.5 stars.
  4. Because of the strong performance in the field of e-commerce, YKSC’s products can be most timely close to the needs of consumers, timely and rapid follow-up of market changes. In addition, in the design aspect, the core structure of the matching type is adopted, so that even if there are different customization requirements in the appearance and color of the insulated water bottles, the core matching manufacturing process can greatly reduce the production cost.Score:5 stars.


The above are the top 5 insulated water bottle manufacturers selected from the top 100 companys in China according to brand awareness, production and supply capability, quality management capability and procurement cost, It can provide active purchasing decision information support to foreign buyers. If there are more questions in the field of China’s insulated water bottles, please contact us immediately.

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