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Hi,I am Jack,the CEO of YKSC Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.

When I was a kid, I always liked to go out with my father. Especially in winter, we like to play with snow and make ice sculptures.When we are tired of playing, we like to sit quietly in the snow and feel the quiet and beauty of the world.But there is a regret, when we want to drink some hot water to warm our body, the water in the cup is always cold and piercing.This regret With my whole childhood and I don’t have the ability to change it.

When I grow up,the progress of science and technology has enabled me to make up for my childhood regrets.So I created the YKSC industry and trade Co.,Ltd.After 20 years of continuous efforts,our products continue to gain more market share.More and more customers choose our products beacuse our stainless steel insulated water bottle with high quality and competitive price.

For the future, we have more ideas to share with every customer.We will pay more attention to the health of drinking water bottles.In the future, the stainless steel insulated water bottle will not only be a container for drinking water, but also have more intelligent functions.Such as:temperature display,remind you to drink water,Music playing…and so on.

Come on,Let’s fight for a better tomorrow!

                                                                                                                                                          ————————Jack Zhou(YKSC COMPANY CEO)

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YKSC industry and trade CO.,Ltd CEO
YKSC Company CEO
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YKSC Company Designr
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YKSC Company Overseas sales manager
YKSC industry and trade Co.,Ltd Overseas sales team
YKSC Company overseas sales team