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Can you boil water with the Hydro flask?

What is the Hydro flask ?

The Hydro Flask is a well-known brand of thermos cup, which is welcomed by users all over the world because of its excellent heat preservation performance.

Most of the Hydro Flask brand insulated water bottles choose stainless steel as the raw material of the water bottle body. While maintaining the constant water temperature in the water bottle for a long time, the water bottle body can cope with the harsh external environment, especially when users carry thermos cups for outdoor activities.

hydro flask water bottle

Before answering the question of whether we can boil water with a thermos water bottle of the hydro flask brand, we need to understand the working principle of the thermos water bottle.

How a vacuum water flask works ?

The insulated water bottle usually uses stainless steel as the raw material, and the stainless steel inner layer and outer shell are welded together by a welding process. We all know that the propagation of heat requires a medium, and in a vacuum environment without a medium, heat will not develop conduction.
Under this principle, we use the vacuuming process to extract the air between the inner liner and the outer shell of the insulated water bottle to make it into a vacuum state. The temperature of the hot water in the insulated water bottle can keep the water temperature constant for a long time due to the lack of medium conduction heat.

Can you boil water with the Hydro flask?

After understanding how the vacuum water flask works, let’s answer the question. When we put the vacuum water flask on a burning fire outdoors and try to boil the water in the vacuum water flask, this behavior is bound to face a failed result.
The temperature of the flame on the fire can only make the stainless steel shell of the vacuum water flask hot, but because of the existence of the vacuum insulation layer of the vacuum water flask, the heat cannot reach the inner liner of the vacuum water flask, and it is even more impossible to boil the water in the vacuum water flask.

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