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How to clean the smell out of a stainless steel insulated water bottle?

How to clean the smell out of a stainless steel insulated water bottle?

The cause of the odor of the thermos water bottle

Under normal circumstances, a quality thermos water bottle should not have peculiar smell. But when people buy thermos water bottle, they always feel a very slight odor. Why is this?
It turned out that in the production and assembly of the thermos water bottle, in order to prevent the moisture in the air from oxidizing and rusting the thermos water bottle, some desiccant is usually placed. These desiccants are not necessarily chemical desiccants, but may also be ground tea leaves. These crumbs will give off a certain slight odor. This is a normal phenomenon and will not cause harm to the human body.

However, when purchasing accessories for some unqualified thermos water bottle, low-end and inferior accessories are often used in order to save costs, such as reused inferior plastics and silicone seals with excessive sulfur content. These inferior accessories will emit a pungent smell, seriously affecting people’s drinking water safety.

In addition to the above problems, improper use of thermos water bottle can also produce odors. For example, use a thermos water bottle to hold hot coffee, milk, juice drinks, etc. After using it, you may be so busy with other things that you forget to clean it in time. When you open the thermos water bottle again, that disgusting smell will make you gag.

How to clean the smell out of a stainless steel insulated water bottle?

1. Wash and disinfect the thermos water bottle with salt

Salt is a good disinfectant. After salt is dissolved in hot water, the high concentration of salt can quickly make bacteria in a harsh living environment, and then be eliminated by concentrated salt water. The high-temperature hot water in the thermos facilitates this process. High-temperature sterilization is beneficial to thoroughly clean the inner liner of the thermos water bottle, thereby reducing the odor in the thermos water bottle.

2. Disinfect with vinegar and baking soda

The acidity of vinegar makes it difficult for bacteria to survive, and it can also dissolve some water stains and dirt on the inside of the thermos water bottle. Baking soda is an alkaline substance, and it is difficult for bacteria to survive in an alkaline environment after being dissolved in water. Vinegar and baking soda are both common substances in the daily kitchen, and we can easily get them to reduce the cost of cleaning the vacuum water flask to remove odors.

3. Clean the thermos water bottle with toothpaste

The stubborn stains in some thermos water bottle are difficult to clean thoroughly with the above methods. We can consider a thorough cleaning with toothpaste. This is because there are extremely fine abrasive particles in toothpaste, which can grind stubborn stains without damaging the stainless steel surface of the vacuum water flask so that the stains can be quickly decomposed and removed. In addition, fragrances are generally added to toothpaste, so that the thermos water bottle will leave a fragrant smell after cleaning.

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