How to print a color logo on a water flask with a laser machine?

If you are a stainless steel insulated water wholesaler, do you want to customize your own logo on the thermos water bottle? The existence of these logos can directly or indirectly promote the spread of your insulated water bottle brand, and to a certain extent, promote an increase in sales. If your answer is yes, have you ever thought about how to make the logo to ensure it will last forever?
customerized logo of stainless steel water flask

Usually, the logo production methods of thermos cups are as follows: screen printing, laser laser, thermal transfer printing, 3D painting. So what are the advantages and disadvantages between them?

1.screen printing

Advantages: colorful, low cost of logo production
Disadvantages: Not suitable for logo production of multiple colors, not suitable for an insulated water bottle with a curved appearance


Advantages: healthy and environmentally friendly, able to quickly make logos, high precision
Disadvantages: Traditional laser technology is difficult to make colorful logos

3.thermal transfer printing

Advantages: Can make colorful logos
Disadvantages: high cost, there will be offset printing residue on the vacuum water flask, and the logo pattern is easily damaged

4. 3D painting

Advantages: bright colors, logo pattern can have a 3D simulation effect
Disadvantages: high cost, not suitable for mass production, not suitable for an insulated water bottle with a curvilinear shape

Combining the above four kinds of insulated water bottle logo production schemes, the first two are the most popular in the market. Especially when purchasing insulated water bottles in large quantities, because of cost considerations, lasers are often chosen to make the logo of the insulated water bottles. However, the traditional laser technology can not meet the logo production of various colors very well. Why is this?

The principle of laser laser making logo of insulated water botttle

We know that lasers are coherently enhanced beams of photons produced by stimulating atoms causing electron transitions to release radiant energy. It has the characteristics of extremely small divergence, high power, strong monochromaticity, and no interference. When using the laser to irradiate the outer surface of the insulated water bottle, the high-energy photon beam continuously bombards the outer paint surface of the insulated water bottle, so that the paint surface of the insulated water bottle is vaporized and dissolved in a very short time. The computer connected to the laser generator will pre-set the laser walking route of the logo pattern, so the appearance of the insulated water bottle will form a unique logo shape.

stainless steel insulated water bottle color logo made by laser

The traditional laser printing equipment can only simply adjust the pulse capability and pulse width of the laser, that is to say, it can only simply change the intensity of the photon beam. This kind of operation can only produce dark or light logos and can do nothing for the logo of the insulated water bottle that needs to be colored.

With the advancement of science and technology, the current new laser marking machine adopts a new design method and process, which can directly make colorful patterns on the stainless steel surface of the insulated water bottle. The new laser marker uses a high-frequency, low-pulse fiber laser generator to generate a photon beam. By strictly controlling the injection of heat, the content generation of each different color section of the logo pattern is controlled.

Points for attention in the use of laseing colorful logo

1. Laser printers cannot perfectly fit all thermos cups when making color logos for thermos cups. In particular, the outer surface of some thermos cups is not painted with paint, but may be other polyethylene chemical raw materials such as plastic powder. These chemical raw materials are not heat-resistant and will melt quickly under the irradiation of high-energy laser photon beams, so they cannot be used for the production of color logos.

2. The range of colors available for the logo is small
Compared with the 3D color drawing for the logo of insulated water bottle, the logo made by the laser method has great limitations in the selectivity of the color range. At present, the main colors that can be produced are orange, red, purple, green, blue, yellow, and the fusion color formed by the superposition of these colors.

We have reason to believe that after the development of technology in the future, the laser method can have greater innovation. There is greater selectivity and adaptability in making the color logo of the insulated water bottle, and the logo color of the vacuum water flask will be more colorful and colorful. With changes in the way logos are made and based on the consideration of large-scale production, the cost of using lasers to make color logos will become lower and lower.

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