What is a good insulated water bottle?

Hi, I’m Jack, a professional engineer with more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of insulated water bottle manufacturing. Today I will share with you what makes a good insulated water bottle from 4 different aspects. As a common container for our daily hydration, the insulated water bottle is closely related to our physical health to some extent. Now, it’s time for us to understand how to identify the quality of a vacuum water flask.

1.Strong thermal insulation performance

How a insulated water bottle works

We all know that heat cannot be transferred without a medium. According to this principle, we extract the air between the inner tank and the outer wall of the stainless steel insulated water bottle to form a vacuum state. In this way, the heat of the water in the thermos water bottle cannot be transferred to the outside of the thermos water bottle, and the temperature of the water in the bottle can not change greatly for a long time. (The existing technology and conditions cannot make the interlayer of the insulated water bottle form an absolute vacuum, and the lid of the bottle is often not a vacuum isolation layer, which will lead to the loss of temperature in the thermos water bottle).

Factors affecting the performance of insulated water bottle

The thermal insulation performance of the insulated water bottle has a lot to do with two factors: the capacity of the bottle and the diameter of the bottle mouth. According to the heat calculation formula Q=cmt (Q stands for heat, c stands for specific heat capacity, m stands for the mass of the substance, t stands for the changed temperature value), we can know that t=Q/cm. Assuming other external conditions remain unchanged, the more hot water in the insulated water bottle, the more heat it contains, and the smaller the temperature change in the same period of time.

How to quickly identify the thermal insulation performance of a insulated water bottle?

Introduce a certain amount of hot water into the insulated water bottle, shake it, and then turn it upside down. Touch the outer wall of the thermos water bottle with the back of your hand or your cheek. If it is cold metal, then the performance of this thermos water bottle is very good. If you feel that the temperature of the outer wall of the thermos water bottle is slowly rising, then this thermos water bottle is a substandard product.

2. No harmful substances

Insulated water bottles usually use stainless steel as the raw material. As a kind of metal alloy, stainless steel has many different models, the common ones are sus201, sus304, and sus316. The performance of these three types of stainless steel in terms of rust and corrosion resistance is quite different. We usually use sus304 and sus316 stainless steel as the inner material of the insulated water bottle.

In addition to stainless steel, common accessories for thermos water bottles include plastic lids and silicone seals. The former usually uses PP as the raw material, but some thermos water bottles also use ABS as the raw material. For plastic accessories for vacuum water flasks, we usually emphasize that BPA components are not allowed in the raw materials. It can have adverse effects on the nervous system and reproductive system of the human body.

The sealing ring basically uses silica gel as the raw material, silica gel has excellent properties such as anti-aging and wear resistance. However, as a derivative of chemical materials, if the desulfurization technology is not up to standard, some siloxanes will remain. Silicone sealing ring will precipitate harmful substance siloxane when it comes into contact with grease.

Therefore, in the process of purchasing a thermos water bottle, be sure to read the product ingredient list carefully to ensure that the components of the thermos water bottle you buy can meet the standards for safe and healthy use.

3. Stylish styling

Imagine what it will be like if you are still using a Nokia phone from 20 years ago in 2022? Your friends might say to you, wow, are you going the retro route? The subtext of this sentence is that you are too unfashionable and out of the trend of the times.

The same is true for the insulated water bottle. In recent years, some well-known brands in insulated water bottles are leading the fashion trend. Such as YETI, SWELL, Hydro, and so on. These well-known thermos water bottle brands incorporate more fashion elements when designing the appearance of the thermos water bottles. Not only does it have a beautiful shape, but it also comes with brilliant colors, allowing you to freely choose thermos water bottles suitable for various occasions.

4. Cost-effective

Insulated water bottles are by no means the more expensive the better! As someone with many years of professional experience in the field of insulated water bottle manufacturing, I can tell you responsibly that in the terminal retail market, the cost of thermos cups can only account for 25-35%. Especially for some well-known brands, the price of their insulated water bottle products also includes a large part of the brand premium.

Let me give an example, the same insulated water bottle costs only 20 yuan on the Chinese e-commerce platform, and it may cost 20 US dollars on the Amazon platform. You might say that shipping an insulated water bottle from China to the U.S. can cost a lot, but usually, international shipping for an insulated water bottle doesn’t actually exceed $3. Especially with the large-volume shipping method, the cross-border computing cost of the insulated water bottle will become lower.

The above are the 4 major judging factors for what is a good insulated water bottle. I hope you can have a better understanding of the quality of the insulated water bottle after reading it carefully. If you have purchasing needs for thermos water bottles or want to find OEM service providers for thermos water bottles, you are welcome to contact our senior engineers. We will answer your questions for free as soon as possible.