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Can we put coffee in A S'well bottle?

Can we put coffee in A S'well bottle

What is a S'well bottle?

S’well is a well-known brand of thermos water bottle, born in the United States. Their insulated water bottle look like a Coke bottle, and their design style and usage scenarios tend to be outdoor sports, and they are very popular among young people. In their promotion, they claim that their insulated water bottle can refrigerate beverages for 36 hours, and the thermal insulation performance is as long as 18 hours (no actual test video, yet to be verified).

Can we put coffee in A S'well bottle?

In theory, you can pour any liquid into a S’well bottle, because of its reliable heat preservation performance, in a short period of time (1-4 hours), the beverage in the insulated water bottle will not spoil, you can Drink it with confidence.

But if you want to pour other liquids into the S’well bottle for long-term storage, then I recommend that you never do this. In addition to pure water that does not deteriorate for a long time, other liquids such as milk, coffee, juice, beer, red wine, and milk tea will deteriorate. If you accidentally drink these spoiled beverages, you could be at risk for your life.

What should I do after pouring the coffee into the S'well bottle?

We recommend that you drink the coffee quickly, while ensuring that the coffee has not gone bad. Focus on your eating health more than just saving food. After drinking the coffee in the S’well bottles, we recommend that you clean the thermos water bottle in time. When cleaning, you can directly wash with water without using detergent.

Considering the small diameter of the mouth of the S’well bottle, the coffee may have residual coffee grounds left in the thermos. At this time, it is recommended that you use a soft brush or sponge brush to reach into the S’well bottle for thorough cleaning. After cleaning, turn the cap and bottle upside down and dry quickly in a cool, ventilated environment. Of course using a hot air blower for quick drying is also a great idea.

If you sometimes forget to wash the coffee in the S’well bottle, it will produce an unpleasant smell after a long time, we recommend that you use salt to wash it. If you want to know more about how to remove the smell of thermos, please click here to view this article《How to clean the smell out of a stainless steel insulated water bottle?》.

As a professional stainless steel insulated water bottle manufacturer, we often encounter various questions from customers about the use of thermos water bottles. In order to facilitate everyone’s use, we have made some summaries here, hoping to be helpful to you.

Question 1: Can the thermos water bottle hold hot water or ice water?
The answer is yes, the S’well bottle insulation level itself is developed and produced to hold hot water or ice water. Its excellent heat preservation performance can maintain the temperature of the liquid in the thermos water bottle to maintain a small change for a long time. S’well bottle is made of SUS304 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel belongs to the food safety contact level. Please use it with confidence.

Question 2: Is the S’well bottle leakproof?
S’well’s water bottle has a very good leak-proof performance. Whether you lay the S’well bottle level flat or upside down, it won’t leak. Even if you shake it vigorously, it won’t leak a drop of water. You can safely put the S’well bottle in your pack without worrying about it getting your pack wet.

Question 3: How long is the service life of the S’well insulated water bottle?
Each S’well bottle has a slightly different service life due to individual differences. Under normal circumstances, S’well vacuum water flask can be used for more than 3 years, but the insulation performance may decrease slightly over time. We recommend that you do not use a vacuum water flask for too long to ensure the safety of your drinking water environment.

Question 4: Can ice cubes be put into the S’well bottles?
Can be put in, but is not recommended. The diameter of the mouth of the S’well bottle is less than 3.5cm, and the diameter of many ice cubes may exceed this range, so it is difficult to put ice cubes into the S’well bottle. If you want to drink ice water, pouring the ice water directly may be a better option.

We are a professional manufacturer of stainless steel vacuum water flask, able to make insulated water bottles with the same appearance and thermal insulation performance as S’well bottles, but the price is much cheaper than theirs. If you have OEM customization needs in this regard, please contact our senior engineers, and we will communicate with you the details of OEM customization of vacuum water flasks as soon as possible.