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Why is the YETI tumbler the first choice for outdoor water bottle?

Why is the YETI tumbler the first choice for outdoor water bottle

What is a YETI water bottle?

YETI tumbler is a stainless steel insulated water tumbler brand that has been popular on the Internet in recent years. The Yeti tumbler has won the favor of consumers with its excellent hot-keeping performance. Under harsh outdoor conditions, the YETI tumbler can keep cold drinks cold for more than 18 hours and hot drinks for up to 36 hours. In order to prevent the appearance of the insulated water tumbler from being damaged by the harsh outdoor environment, the Yeti tumbler adds a powder coating finish to the exterior to make the YETI tumbler last longer.

Comparison between YETI tumbler and other brands of insulated water bottle

You might think that other well-known brands of insulated water bottle can also achieve the above-mentioned heat preservation and cooling performance. Indeed, in some respects, the test data obtained by other well-known insulated water bottle brands, such as Hydro, Thermos, Camelbak, etc., are basically comparable to the YETI tumbler, and some indicators may be even better than the YETI tumbler. But it should be noted that the data of the YETI tumbler is obtained in a harsh outdoor environment. So relatively speaking, the performance of YETI tumbler is more satisfactory

Leak-proof is a highlight of YETI tumbler

In addition to the strong thermal insulation performance, the leak-proof performance of the YETI tumbler is also very good. It is important to know that in outdoor activities, we are often faced with vigorous exercise, which causes the tumbler to tilt in all directions, or even upside down. If the leak-proof performance of the insulated water bottle is unqualified, it is easy to cause the water in the tumbler to leak and wet the entire backpack. The YETI tumbler attaches great importance to this problem, and has invested a lot of research on the leak-proof design of the water tumbler. At present, there is no customer complaint about the water leakage of the YETI tumbler.

Although YETI tumbler are very popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts, their high price has discouraged many people. People generally hope to be able to buy insulated water bottle of the same quality as YETI at a lower price. The good news is that our products are exactly what these consumers want. Except for the brands that do not have YETI tumbler, the quality of our insulated waterbottle is comparable to that of YETI tumbler. If you have this demand, please contact us, we also provide OEM customization service for insulated water bottle.