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Will the Hydro flask insulated water bottle rust?

Why is Hydro flask insulation so excellent?

The insulated water bottle is a common drinking tool in life. The quality of the insulated water bottle is directly related to our drinking water safety. Ferric oxide, the component of rust, although it cannot be absorbed by the human body, it additionally increases the detoxification burden of the human liver. So picking a thermos water bottle that won’t rust is critical to your health.

1. Why does the vacuum water flask rust?

1. The stainless steel raw material of the vacuum water flask is not up to standard

Stainless steel is alloy steel, which is forged by mixing various metal elements in different proportions. We often add chromium, nickel, and other metal elements when smelting stainless steel. The content of these elements is directly related to the rust resistance of stainless steel. The common stainless steel used to make insulated water bottle consist of SUS201, SUS304, and SUS316. The anti-rust performance of these three is gradually enhanced, and the food safety contact level is gradually improved.

Some insulated water bottle manufacturers, in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of thermos cups, choose low-grade stainless steel to make thermos water bottles. In terms of visual observation, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the difference between insulated water bottles made of stainless steel of different materials. The difference between stainless steel materials can only be found through the detection of professional stainless steel detection potions or spectrometers. So be sure to consult with the seller when buying a vacuum water flask.

Raw material inspection of insulated water bottle

2. The thermos water bottle will also rust in special environment

Under normal circumstances, the thermos water bottle will contain ordinary liquids, such as water, milk, tea, coffee, etc. These liquids basically have a neutral pH value, which means that they will not destroy the chromium-rich oxide film (passivation film) on the stainless steel surface. However, if the stainless steel of the vacuum water flask comes into contact with some other special substances, such as salt, vinegar, baking soda and other substances commonly found in household life, the stainless steel will chemically react with these substances, The chromium-rich oxide film (passivation film) is destroyed, resulting in rust

In short, in the case of normal use of stainless steel thermos water bottle, it is basically not possible to rust, unless low-grade stainless steel is used. In the process of use, pay attention to avoid contact with acids, alkalis, salts and other substances, which can effectively prevent the stainless steel insulated water bottle from rusting. If you accidentally come into contact with these substances, please wash them with clean water, wipe them with a dry towel in time and store them in a cool and ventilated place.

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